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Huawei, ZTE, Honor, TECNO, etc. bring the latest AI technologies and applications | A direct hit on MWC 2024 Barcelona


From February 26th to February 29th, the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024) was held in Barcelona, Spain. The theme of this MWC is "Future First", focusing on six sub-themes: Beyond 5G, Intelligent Connectivity, Humanizing AI, Intelligent Manufacturing, Disruptive Rules, and Digital DNA.

More than 300 Chinese companies participated in this exhibition. Through the news released by various companies on PR Newswire, it can be found that artificial intelligence (AI)-powered products and applications are one of the key highlights of Chinese technology companies at this MWC.

Huawei Cloud: Building the Most Suitable Infrastructure for AI

At MWC 2024, Huawei Cloud showcased ten systematic innovations for AI and rich industry practices of the Pangu large model, aiming to build the most suitable infrastructure for AI and accelerate the intelligent transformation of various industries.

The ten systematic innovations for AI include: global storage and computing network KooVerse, distributed QingTian architecture, AI computing cloud service, AI-Native storage, end-to-end security system, GaussDB database, digital intelligence fusion solution, media infrastructure, Landing Zone, and diversified deployment forms.

At MWC 2024, Huawei Cloud will also collaborate with customers and partners to present a variety of topics, including product solution launches, forums on Chinese enterprises going global, and roundtables on innovation origins. They will also showcase innovative products and successful practices such as the Pangu large model, GaussDB database, digital intelligence fusion, digital humans, and software development.

ZTE: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Facilitate Operator Business Development

ZTE Corporation is participating in this grand event with the theme of "Future in Progress." In terms of leveraging artificial intelligence to facilitate operator business development and realizing digital intelligence monetization for 2C/2B/2H markets, ZTE will exhibit a series of innovative products and solutions. These include the "Self-Intelligent Network Solution" uSmartNet, which integrates AI large models and digital twin technology; solutions based on Open Gateway and intelligent resource orchestration; and a new paradigm for smart factory construction based on "industrial field network + digital nebula" for operator 2B business expansion. Additionally, ZTE has independently developed the Nebula industry large model to help create an efficient and collaborative smart factory organism.

ZTE Terminals will showcase the AI-driven All-Scenario Smart Ecosystem 3.0, focusing on multi-terminal intelligent connectivity and ecological expansion. They will also unveil several innovative products and technologies, including the brand-new, world's first 5G+AI 3D tablet, nubia Pad 3D II, equipped with Neovision 3D Anytime technology, supporting real-time system-level 2D to 3D content conversion, and industry-specific 3D solutions. Additionally, they will introduce a new AI-inspired 5G FWA, the first Flip foldable smartphone nubia Flip 5G, and multiple featured phone models emphasizing imaging, music, and gaming.

HONOR: A New AI-Powered All-Scenario Strategy

At MWC 2024, HONOR is debuting its new AI-powered all-scenario strategy, collaborating with global partners to introduce AI-enabled cross-OS collaboration, human-centered intention-based AI, and a set of smart devices. HONOR not only announced the global debut of the HONOR Magic6 Pro but also unveiled its latest AI laptop, the HONOR MagicBook Pro 16, all equipped with HONOR's platform-level AI to empower a human-centered experience.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro also introduces the newly upgraded HONOR Hawk Eye camera system. With extensive training on AI models, the model database is 28 times larger than the previous generation, allowing for easy prediction and capture of decisive ultra-high-definition moments.

Driven by a commitment to human-centered innovation, HONOR has launched MagicOS 8.0, the latest version of its operating system based on Android. It introduces HONOR's platform-level AI capabilities and the industry's first human-machine interaction based on intention recognition.

TECNO: The New PolarAce Imaging System Integrates AI Technology

At MWC 2024, TECNO will unveil its newly developed PolarAce imaging system. This system integrates advanced AI technology, aiming to provide users with an unprecedented mobile imaging experience. It features an independent image processing chip combined with AI technology, enabling precise optimization and real-time processing of images.

With the PolarAce imaging system, smartphone cameras can capture clearer and more vivid images under various lighting conditions, offering users a shooting experience comparable to that of a professional camera. The PolarAce imaging system will make its debut in TECNO's upcoming Camon 30 series smartphones.

Source: Global Business News

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