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Fixed Offset-torque Smart Screwdriver

XYD, an experienced and dedicated factory, has been exclusively focused on manufacturing fixed offset-torque smart screwdrivers since 2003. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the continuous enhancement of our process technology in smart screwdriver production. With a professional R&D team and outstanding after-sales service, XYD has earned a solid reputation for delivering high-quality products and effectively addressing various customer challenges.

The Fixed Offset-Torque Smart Screwdriver is an intelligent tool with digital precision and convenient operation. Unlike conventional torque screwdrivers, it can apply a fixed offset torque to accommodate different installation needs. When using a fixed offset torque smart screwdriver, workers can adjust the torque angle and size to keep the screw in the correct installation position, thus ensuring the reliability and safety of the equipment.

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Offset-torque Driver Servo Smart Screwdriver

Offset-torque Driver Servo Smart Screwdriver

XYD's Offset-torque Driver Servo Smart Screwdrivers deliver outstanding ergonomic advantages and enhance efficiency across a wide range of assembly applications. Available in both AC direct plug-in and DC with an external power supply, our Offset-torque Driver Servo Smart Screwdrivers come in multiple torque ranges, start types, and operating speeds to cater to diverse assembly needs.

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XYD is one of the professional Fixed Offset-torque Smart Screwdriver manufacturer and supplier in China, known for our excellent service and reasonable prices. If you are interested in our high quality, customized and advanced Fixed Offset-torque Smart Screwdriver, please contact us. We operate our own factory and offer a price list for your convenience. We sincerely hope to become your reliable long-term business partner!
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