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Located in Kunshan, Jiangsu,   Kunshan Yumao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a forward-thinking company dedicated to the research, development and production of intelligent screwdrivers in China. With our roots firmly planted in the electronics industry and a keen focus on innovation, we have revolutionized the way screws are driven during the past over 20 years.

1. Innovation and Expertise:   Our company was founded in 2003 with the mission to create advanced and efficient tools for electronics assembly. Our products have since then become a benchmark in the electronics industry, striving to introduce cutting-edge technologies and features that enhance precision, efficiency, durability and user experience.

2. Trusted Brand with advanced features:   has earned a solid reputation in the electronics industry for delivering exceptional quality and performance. By choosing , you can trust that you are investing in a product that has been tried, tested, and trusted by countless professionals.

3. Advanced Features:  Our smart screwdrivers & bits are equipped with a full range of unique features.

◀ Real-time monitoring of driving torque

◀ Accurate control over the depth of insertion

◀ Built-in LED lights for improved visibility during use

◀ Ergonomic handles for maximum comfort and control, ensuring that even prolonged use does not fatigue the user.

◀ 50,000 times max longevity has exceeded the average life cycle in screwdriver bits industry by 3 times

◀ 10,000,000 times longevity of our smart screwdriver is what we’re proud of doubling the average life cycle in intelligent screwdriver industry.

4. Customized range of screwdriver bits:  We’ve got high-quality bits designed to complement our screwdrivers and maximize their performance. Precisely crafted from the premium materials, our smart screwdriver bits ensure a perfect fit and unparalleled performance allowing users to tackle a wide variety of tasks with ease.  Maximum torque transmission and minimal friction result in less effort and increased efficiency when driving screws. From standard sizes to special requirements no matter it's a slotted or cross-recessed bit, metric or imperial size, you’ll always have a diverse selection to pick from. We even offer bits with non-slip heads for added safety and precision.

5. Sufficient production capability:  Kunshan Yumao Electronics Co., Ltd. takes pride in announcing our enhanced production capabilities to deliver 10, 000pcs smart screwdrivers and 3,000,000pcs bits annually. This demonstrates our commitment to meeting the growing demand for our products while ensuring timely delivery to our valued customers. You can rest assured that our dedication to quality remains unwavering.

Join countless professionals who have already experienced   meticulously crafted smart screwdriver and screwdriver bit to the high criterion and elevate your assembly processes to new heights.

  • 20+

    • 20+ Industry experience in bits & smart screwdriver

  • C919

    • Software Dept. led by Ex-C919 Sr. Software Mgr.

  • 99.8%

    • Steady yield rate between 99.5~99.8%

  • 50,000 & 10,000,000

    • 50,000 max bit life cycle lifespan 3 times higher than the average
    • 10,000,000 max screwdriver lifespan Doubled the average industry level

  • Φ0.9mm With 0.5mm

    Φ0.9mm with 0.5mm air-intake hole bits

  • 3 WEEKS

    • 3 weeks to fulfill customization request

  • After-sales service

    • OSS in 7 cities;
    • one week repair L/T;
    • 1-year warranty

  • Cost effective

    • Reasonable Price
    • Worthy Experience


Making sure our customers have the right tools takes having the right people to provide advice and support. From pre-order advice to the after-sales support, our team is dedicated to helping you make the right torque decisions based on your specific application. Our technical support staff will go all out to help with the torque tool problems you are trying to solve.

You can count on us for ongoing service, warranties, recalibration and torque tool repair. We have you covered for the life of the tools you buy from XYD, and beyond.

, to help excel your dream.

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